Summer bucket photo list

The summer is almost over…did you capture it for you memories? Here is my short checklist of summer photo must-do. Not much time left, list is pretty short…for fall I will create something more challenging.


  1. Summer sunset and sunrise.
  2. Summer rain and puddles.
  3. Sun and shine.
  4. Fresh fruit from farmers market.
  5. Ocean or lake shore.
  6. Summer view from your window.
  7. Your favorite summer look.
  8. Festival or carnival.
  9. Picnic or maybe just a cup of coffee on your porch.
  10. Reflection in the water.
  11. Flowers.
  12. Summer insects, like bees or butterflies.
  13. Summer sport.
  14. Sand.
  15. Bright manicure or pedicure.
  16. Bubbles, lots of bubbles.
  17. Jumping in the water.
  18. Soaking in the sun.
  19. Sunglasses.
  20. Icy drinks.
  21. Tan lines from swimsuit.
  22. Green grass and trees.
  23. Kids playing with water.
  24. Ice cream.
  25. Fireworks.