Our top 10 toys

I wasn’t sure what to start with and decided to go with the most common topic, – toys 🙂

I believe in a philosophy that kids don’t really need a lot of toys, all they need is nature and loving parents. But I am a toy junky, growing up my Mom didn’t have the money to buy everything I wanted so now I kind of fulfill all those wishes with my daughter.

Toys became more affordable and there is a huge variety of them, any kind of material, lots of eco friendly and pretend play.

So let me share with you, with what my 19 mo likes to play.

1.Not really a toy but definitely a must have


As a very smart women, Maria Montessori once said, “Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence.” So lets help them with it, by providing furniture that fits there needs and is perfect for their height and strength. We have a basic kid table and chairs. My daughter loves those! We got her this as a birthday present and she’s being eating, drawing, playing her games there ever since. Make sure the chairs are steady, kids love to stand on them.

2.Play tunnel


This one was “a cat in the hat”, wasn’t sure if she would like it..but it’s being already 7 months of a non-stop everyday playing. She doesn’t let me put it away. Great way of playing peekaboo with a babies too, and all her little friends love playing catch in it. This toy goes a long run from 6 mo until age of 6 for sure, and sometimes I catch our cat napping inside it 🙂

3.Little people farmCHJ51-animal-friends-farm-d-5

One of our favorite brands, little people by fisher price. The farm is a hit! My daughter plays with it every single day since we bought it in April. Great way to learn farm animals and the sounds they make, pretend play of feeding, washing and putting them to sleep. Also there are lots of add on parts to the farm, like a truck, lake and milk barn, so you can get a whole collection. Toys feet perfectly into small children hand, colors are natural and they don’t fade. There is not much of a music at the farm, just short melody and animal sounds when you open the gate, obviously batteries last forever.

4.Cutting foodx1_a5828d6e8bd165b4dc33f77abfe314bc

Lots of brands make all kind of cutting foods. We have a basic Melissa&Doug set. Lots of ways to play with it and it will be a great addition if you have toy kitchen. Great work on a motor skills, we also learn colors and food names with it.

5.Lego playhouse


Well…no childhood goes without Lego set! The actual peaces are hard to assemble for a child himself, so definitely family play. We learn how our day goes by, and the favorite part is a slide! Pictures don’t scratch from lego pieces, and doll hand and feet move ( I didn’t know about it at first).

6.Tea set


You can’t raise a princess without 5 o’clock tea party! That’s where the table set (#1 from my list) comes in handy. Have a cup of tea and a piece of cake and share with a favorite plush toy. Once again pretend play of feeding but also learning how to share. The cake makes 3 pieces stocking toy. Teapot plays lots of melodies, my daughter loves dancing to them and just drinks tea from it 🙂



So far Hape is my favorite wood toy brand. They are very Eco friendly but a bit pricey. Color doesn’t scratch and fade, trust me this pure elephant went through a lot! Child can either pull it behind him, or push it, very comfortable hole for a little hand to hold. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, from crawling to running stages.

8.Sorter set


Kids love sorting sets, and so do I! This one is very basic,I like its geometry, color and what I love the most, different shades. Very easy to play with, and my kid also builds towers with it.



Somehow we ended up with a puzzle with farm animals, we are a fans! It actually goes with the sound, but for some reason it started acting weird, making noises out of blue so I took the battery out (there was no on/off switch). I think  the puzzle is hand-crafted as well as hand-painted. I accidentally washed 1 piece and all color faded away, so it’s completely blank now. But it is still one of the favorite toys, I like that they have knobs, some puzzles don’t but I will say that it just makes playing easier for a little ones.



As a child I dreamed about rocking pony. Well this isn’t a pony but still rocking! It’s wood, very easy to clean, it’s quick to assemble considering it came from Ikea. My husband thought that wood seat might hurt but it doesn’t. Absolutely loving and looks stylish in a room!

So that’s pretty much it, I hope you liked it and maybe found something new for yourself and you baby.


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