Let’s talk about food…

Two years prior to pregnancy I was vegetarian. I didn’t eat any meat, fish and seafood. In addition to that i stopped eating store sauces, frozen food, processed and junk food. Do I have to mention that I felt great and was healthy as I’ve never been?

So now I am ready to start that journey all over again. But with just one amendment, I want to offer this lifestyle to my child to (I don’t even suggest it to my husband, the men loves and needs his meat).

For now I will keep fish in our menu but I will try out some vegan dishes. Especially excited to try out all those vegan cheeses, milk, yogurts and other animal replacements. Since me and my child love harvest produce and new food, I think it’s going to be fun!

Now about the cons, usually it comes in a face of society, grandparents, pediatrician, teachers, neighbors and you BBQ loving friends. When I went vegetarian for the first time, I was so naive and I thought I can prove my point and might open someone eyes, help them understand me…I think at some point we all get to that stage! Now I realize that there is no matter in answering all those question that people ask, (like “where would you get your protein”, “what are you going to eat”,”what about iron and B12″ and so on). People ask them not because they want to hear an answer, no, their intention is completely opposite. They want to battle you until they win and prove that there is no healthy life without meat and animal produce. Just 1% really wants to know and understand the philosophy and you can totally tell when you come across those people, and here you can share you knowledge and give your advice.

But now since I have a baby, I’ve got the most popular accusation of all, “How can you choose for her what lifestyle she will live and what she eats”.

There is not much I can say, but do you let your kids drink beer and smoke cigarettes? I don’t think so. I consider meat as bad for her health as all the above.

Yes it is my personal choice which is based on years of research, advises from long-term vegans and vegetarians, and I just want to live this way.

It doesn’t mean I don’t respect or don’t like people who eat meat, not my business really, I don’t separate people into groups based on there taste preferences. Most of my friends love hamburgers and pepperoni pizza and we get along just fine. Well, as long as there is no talk about “protein need”.

So here I will be posting recipes mostly of vegetarian dishes, but sometimes meat to. I still have to cook for my husband 🙂


Summer bucket photo list

The summer is almost over…did you capture it for you memories? Here is my short checklist of summer photo must-do. Not much time left, list is pretty short…for fall I will create something more challenging.


  1. Summer sunset and sunrise.
  2. Summer rain and puddles.
  3. Sun and shine.
  4. Fresh fruit from farmers market.
  5. Ocean or lake shore.
  6. Summer view from your window.
  7. Your favorite summer look.
  8. Festival or carnival.
  9. Picnic or maybe just a cup of coffee on your porch.
  10. Reflection in the water.
  11. Flowers.
  12. Summer insects, like bees or butterflies.
  13. Summer sport.
  14. Sand.
  15. Bright manicure or pedicure.
  16. Bubbles, lots of bubbles.
  17. Jumping in the water.
  18. Soaking in the sun.
  19. Sunglasses.
  20. Icy drinks.
  21. Tan lines from swimsuit.
  22. Green grass and trees.
  23. Kids playing with water.
  24. Ice cream.
  25. Fireworks.

Our top 10 toys

I wasn’t sure what to start with and decided to go with the most common topic, – toys 🙂

I believe in a philosophy that kids don’t really need a lot of toys, all they need is nature and loving parents. But I am a toy junky, growing up my Mom didn’t have the money to buy everything I wanted so now I kind of fulfill all those wishes with my daughter.

Toys became more affordable and there is a huge variety of them, any kind of material, lots of eco friendly and pretend play.

So let me share with you, with what my 19 mo likes to play.

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A bit about me…

So I decided to start blogging about my life full of joy and excitement of motherhood!

Here you will find everything from new music I came across to the games you can play with your kid. I hope you will enjoy it.

First of let me introduce myself. My name is Iolanna, as you probably figure from the blog title. I am originally from Ukraine, so please forgive my mistakes and weird grammar 🙂 I am happily married, we’ve got a beautiful daughter Camilla, she is 19 months old right now and a cat Trixie, 3 years old.

We live in a Chicago suburbs at the moment, but consider moving at some point.

My lifestyle is “stay-at-home-mom”. I try to eat vegetarian, but do enjoy a roasted turkey over Thanksgiving and duck at Christmas. Love listening to the music, read books and take pictures of the world around and of course my little girl.

I hope I will find my little world in here…